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Annual Report: 2012 - 2013

Foreword from the Chief Information Officer


Anne Trefethen

Professor Anne Trefethen – Chief Information Officer

The year has been a busy one for IT Services. A time of significant organisational change and of unrelenting increasing diversity of support and service requests.  

The data presented in this report provide, in some areas, a somewhat startling picture of the use of IT – in the last 10 years the traffic over University networks has grown from under 2 TeraBytes per day to over 112 Terabytes.  The email system is increasingly being used through mobile devices with over 22,000 mobile devices connecting to the system this year compared to 12,000 last.

During this period of change the staff have continued to support the deliver services “as usual”. During the year there have been 601 IT-related courses offered with a total of 22,873 participant contact hours for 10, 481 individuals (3609 distinct individuals some of whom took more than one course).  Projects have delivered new research data management tools, services to support the capture of lectures and seminars, weblearn enhancements and open data projects, notably OxCap that brings together catalogues of Graduate Courses from across the University. Alongside those academic facing projects there have been a number  administrative systems delivered, notably the implementation of the new payroll service, integrated with HRIS; the implementation of the new research costing and pricing tool, X5; and the migration of further colleges and departments on to DARS, the development and alumni relations system.

And from the range of new services that could be mentioned are those provided by the Information Security team who are supporting the implementation of the University IS policy, have been instrumental in the development of a Whole Disk Encryption service and the development of online training.

It all comes together as a vibrant and highly used and evolving set of IT services – enjoy.





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Academic IT Services

Split into two sub-groups, Learning & Teaching and Research, Academic IT Services provides a wide variety of help across the University from teaching Word to the support of research.

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As part of the Office of the CIO, Administration looks after our buildings, finances and personnel.

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Administrative IT Services

Administrative IT Services manages support for existing business systems, comprising specialist help centres that include  access management and second-line support.

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Customer Services

The Customer Services Group comprises teams within IT Services whose focus is on enabling and enhancing the use of IT services by supporting our users and working with our partners.

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Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services brings together groups managing a range of services and underpinning infrastructure critical for supporting education, research and associated administration within the University. 

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IT Risk Management

As part of the Office of the CIO, IT Risk Management provides support for information security services and has responsibility for the IT risk register and the business continuity and disaster recovery framework.

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Programme & Project Delivery

The Programme and Project Delivery Group manages the major programmes and projects that deliver large-scale IT-enabled change, new or enhanced IT support services, and infrastructure.

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Project & Service Management

As part of the Office of the CIO, the Programme & Service Management group is responsible for the Portfolio Office (PO), Service Management Office (SMO), Testing Team and Information Manager in IT Services. These groups offer services to help staff deliver effective projects, programmes and services.

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Software Solutions

 The Software Solutions Group provides a set of services to identify, analyse, scope, procure, design, build/configure, test and deploy software and applications.

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