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Organisation structure

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Dr Stuart Lee - CIO (interim)

Dr Stuart Lee

Stuart Lee is the interim CIO for the University of Oxford's IT Services. As well as being the interim CIO across the department and within the University he has particular responsibility for the University’s IT Capital and Innovation plan. He is a member of several senior University ICT committees, and is a member of the Russell Group IT Directors (RUGIT) Executive Committee.

Stuart has been at Oxford for 24 years, starting his work in e-learning, then setting up the Learning Technologies Group in 2001 of which he was Head. From October 2005 Stuart was Director of Computing Systems and Services and in 2012 was appointed Deputy CIO of the new IT Services.

Stuart has led major research projects in the fields of digitization and humanities computing, most notably as Director of the First World War Digital Archive project and the Great War Archive which started the idea of community collection initiatives, leading to the current Europeana project. In this field he has published two books (one on Digital Imaging and the other on Electronic Collection Development), and numerous articles and reports.

In 2008 Stuart was made the University of Oxford’s Reader in E-learning and Digital Libraries.

Stuart is a member of the University of Oxford’s English Faculty, and of Merton College. As an academic Stuart teaches Old English, war poetry and the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien. Stuart received a University Teaching Award for Director of the First World War Digital Archive and Great War Archive Projects.

Denise Conway - Director of Academic IT (interim)

Denise Conway

The Director of Academic IT is responsible for developing Oxford's world-class reputation in IT support for learning, teaching and research and for leading and managing the understanding and investigation of all aspects of the digital experience of students and academics. Under Denise’s leadership, the Academic IT Group is responsible for running several key services: the University’s VLE (WebLearn); work in open educational resources; skills training for staff and students; advanced research computing (high-performance computing); and research data services.


Dr Michael Fraser - Director of Infrastructure Services

Dr Michael Fraser

Michael is responsible for the Infrastructure Services group in IT Services. The Group provides the core infrastructure systems and services upon which the IT service portfolio offered and developed by the department will be hosted. It also takes a leading part in the technical architecture design.

Infrastructure Services brings together groups managing a range of services and underpinning infrastructure critical for supporting education, research and associated administration within the University. The group includes teams responsible for networks and telecommunications, data centres, business systems platforms, identity and access management, physical and virtual hosting infrastructure, a range of shared services (e.g. Nexus, HFS, private cloud), and professional services provided by NSMS.

Michael joined the University in 1995 and has led a number of grant-funded projects, directed a research-support service, and more recently, was head of the Infrastructure Systems and Support Group in the Computing Services. He took up the post of Director of Infrastructure Services on 1 Feb 2013. He has a PhD in theology from the University of Durham.

John Ireland - Director of Customer Services

John Ireland

The Customer Services Group comprises the main central IT support services for members of the University; provides managed desktop services; and offers dedicated and advanced support for key partners such as ITSS. This provision includes the service desk and support centres for HR, Finance, Student Administration, and Development and Alumni; managed desktop computing for UAS and the Bodleian Libraries; and engagement with colleagues in teaching, research, administration, and IT throughout the University.

John started his Oxford IT career at Jesus College in 1998, where he was responsible for managing the college’s IT services through a period of substantial growth and increasing importance of IT in academic and administrative roles. In 2009 he moved into central IT, heading up the Systems Development and Support Section, responsible for a wide range of Linux-based services including single sign-on, mail lists, and hosting of services like WebLearn.

Throughout his time at Oxford he has maintained a strong desire to 'get out there' and work with colleagues throughout the University. He has served within ITSSG and ICTF, chaired the College IT Officers’ Forum, worked on a range of inter-departmental projects, and is a regular presenter at IT conferences and other events.

Dr Shirin Tahzib - Director of Software Solutions

Dr Shirin Tahzib

The Software Solutions Group provides a set of services to identify, analyse, scope, procure, design, build/configure, test and deploy software and applications.

Shirin is responsible for the delivery and subsequent enhancement of University's enterprise software applications which include specification, design, development, implementation and 3rd level support of software packages, bespoke solutions and web applications in line with University’s software, data and interfacing architecture standards. She started this role in October 2012 and has been working for the University since September 2011.

Immediately prior to joining us, Shirin was the Global System Development Director at the transport and logistics company TNT, where she introduced Service Oriented Architecture and "agile" methodology for developing TNT's global operational, finance, sales and customer service IT systems. Prior to joining TNT she worked at National Grid with responsibility for delivery of IT services to all the corporate functions, shared services and 15 subsidiary companies of National Grid. Before that Shirin was the CIO of Crown Castle International for four years prior to the company’s acquisition by National Grid. She has more than ten years of global experience, having delivered IT projects and services with very large multi-national teams in dispersed locations around the world. In addition, she has over 15 years of IT experience with several software consultancy firms including IBM. She has also held a university senior lecturer position for four years.

Ian Wild - Director of Programme and Project Delivery

Ian Wild

The Programme and Project Delivery Group manages the major programmes and projects that deliver large-scale IT-enabled change, new or enhanced IT support services, and infrastructure.

Ian is responsible for the direction and management of the Programme and Project Delivery Group (PPDG), reporting to Stuart Lee. He also co-ordinates the planning of the IT Capital Plan, now in its third year.

Ian joined the University in 2008 as Director of Finance, Planning, and Administration, BSP, and was seconded as HRIS Programme Manager in January 2011. He started his IT career in the mid eighties in systems development before moving to project and programme delivery roles in finance and publishing origanisations. Ian holds a degree in Engineering from Cambridge University and an MBA from Henley Business School.

Senior Officers in the Office of the CIO

The group Directors are supported by Senior Officers in the Office of the CIO. These are:

  • Claire D'Mellow

    Head of Finance

    Claire D'Mellow

  • Mark Hylton

    Senior Administrator

    Dr Mark Hylton

  • Dave Smith

    Enterprise IT Architect

    Dave Smith

  • Philippa Days

    Director of Planning, Governance, and Assurance

    Philippa Days

  • Ian Teasdale

    Head of Business Relationship Management

    Ian Teasdale

  • James Smith

    Chief Information Security Officer

    James Smith