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Business Systems IT Board

The Business Systems IT Board is responsible to IT Committee, for providing governance and oversight of the programme of Business Systems IT projects and initiatives funded through the ‘Business Systems IT’ part of the overall IT Capital Envelope, together with a portfolio of services provided by IT Services and UAS departments.

The Business Systems IT Board acts as an umbrella organization to the separate sub-boards governing Development, HR, and Finance. It serves to monitor the overall spend against the Business Systems IT envelope (broken down into notional envelopes for these sub-boards), and discuss and agree movements within that envelope. It also oversees the Corporate envelope in the absence of such a board (defined as cross-cutting UAS projects such as the Web Site, or projects from units without a separate IT Board, such as Estates).

The Business Systems IT Board is not expected to be part of the approval process for projects except in the case of adjudication over funding reallocations within the Business Systems IT envelope, and the ‘Corporate’ element as noted above.

The Business Systems IT Board will work collaboratively with other IT oversight boards being established under IT Committee to support research, digital content, administration, and digital services.

At or before the start of each academic year the Business Systems IT Board will present IT Committee with a preliminary consolidated report on ongoing and prospective projects from the sub-boards which shows how these align with the University’s strategic goals and priorities. After discussion the planned portfolio of projects will be agreed by both committees, and the associated funding allocated. IT Committee will oversee the alignment with overall IT objectives.

Terms of Reference

  1. To agree and review priorities across Business Systems IT initiatives with IT Committee, taking account of the development plans of the sub-boards governing Finance, HR, and Development but also the University’s Strategic Plan, its IT Strategic Plan and its Digital Strategy;
  2. To recommend an annual plan for investment within this framework of agreed priorities and to keep it under regular review;
  3. To oversee the overall Business Systems IT envelope and agree movements within the various sub-group envelopes (Finance, HR, Development, and Corporate) to meet emerging projects;
  4. To recommend and where applicable approve project initiation within the Corporate envelope within the wider framework of agreed approval processes for capital spend;
  5. To monitor at a high level progress and expenditure on projects in progress within the Corporate envelope, but delegating this for other projects to the Finance, Development, and HR sub-boards;
  6. To oversee the performance and development of services in its domain which are offered by IT Services and UAS departments, but delegating this for appropriate services to the Finance, Development, and HR sub-boards;
  7. To receive reports from user groups in its domain (e.g. UAS Web Steering Group);
  8. To report or escalate specific matters of concern to IT Committee or their appropriate sub-committees or groups (e.g. IT PRAG);
  9. To provide an annual report on projects and activities  and to contribute to the ongoing development of the IT Strategic Plan;
  10. To form strong relationships with other IT Boards to ensure co- ordination in planning and projects.

The Business Systems IT Board will be given an overall envelope for Business Systems IT but with notional allocations within that for Finance, HR, and Development to be delegated to the appropriate sub-boards. A fourth category, Corporate, will cover other UAS business project areas (the UAS Web, Estates projects etc) and this will be overseen by the Business Systems IT Board. The envelopes are allocated on a rolling three-year basis to be reviewed annually from the IT Capital Plan to guide its decisions and recommendations on project spending. The Business Systems IT Board is expected to be the first point of discussion to decide on movements within the overall Business Systems IT envelope to meet emerging demands from the various sub-boards.

The Business Systems IT Board will be supported by IT Services’ Project Management Office, Service Management Office and IT Architecture Group.


  • Chair: Stephen Conway
  • One senior administrator from each division (at divisional, department or faculty level): Mary Fridlington (MPLS), David Bryan (Medical Sciences), Karen Brill (Humanities)
  • Director of Customer Services (IT Services): John Ireland
  • Senior Representative from each of the following UAS units: Finance, Development, HR, Estates: Robert Williams (Finance), Liesl Elder (Development), Anne Harkness (HR), Liz Kitchener (Estates)
  • A Senior Representative from IT Services’ Infrastructure Group: Mike Fraser

In attendance

  • Deputy CIO, IT Services: Stuart Lee
  • Executive Secretary: Ollie Jaques