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Annual PC replacement

News publication date: 
Friday, 24 February 2017
Hands on a mouse and keyboard.

Over the past three and half weeks, our Desktop Services Team (DST) have replaced 432 desktop machines within University Administration and Services and the Bodleian Libraries. The last of these replacements were completed yesterday.

The exercise was part of DST’s annual PC replacement service, a rolling programme that takes place at the beginning of every year.

DST’s managed desktop PCs are used by over 2500 staff within the University, as well as Readers in the Bodleian Libraries, with machines in over 75 buildings and with over 1000 different applications in use. The machines are replaced at a minimum of every five years.

Like much of the support delivered by IT Services, a lot of hidden activity went into the project. The work began in October with an audit of machines due to be replaced, followed by communication with desktop users to confirm delivery dates. In January, over 400 machines were delivered to DST’s warehouse where the software was installed and configured. The final stage was the actual replacement of the machines (and further software configuration for users with particular requirements), at a rate of about 30 per day. The work was undertaken by a third-party provider, overseen by DST staff.

Thank you to all of the teams in IT Services who helped to ensure users continued working with minimal disruption while the team carried out this work.