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Chorus cost model approved

News publication date: 
Tuesday, 06 December 2016
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The costing model for ongoing charges for the Chorus service was agreed at the November 2016 IT Committee meeting.  While licencing and equipment charges had been agreed prior to then, IT Committee approved the concept of an annual charge for phone numbers and a flat rate fee for call charges for all users.  The levels of the charge will be set at an audit in December 2017 and the costing arrangement will start on 1 August 2018, taking over fully from the current Telecomms service.    The call charge flat rate component is initially set at £5, but the levels of calls will be monitored and the rate is subject to change to ensure recovery of all external call costs. Therefore, it is recommended that a 10% contingency is added for in budget setting.

Please see the Service Implementation and Usage information for colleges and departments on the ICP website .