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Chorus delivered to 11,800 users

News publication date: 
Wednesday, 05 July 2017
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Chorus (the new telephony service for the collegiate University) has now reached 11,800 users with the completion of the third implementation tranche at the end of June 2017, representing around 60% of total phones (c20,000) to be delivered.

While the original plan was to introduce Chorus in six sequential tranches, the project has reduced this to five and should complete implementation by the end of December 2017, three months earlier than originally anticipated.  By mid-July the business change team will have completed engagement meetings with all re-scheduled units and the technical team expects to complete remediation planning by the end of September.

Bringing completion forward has partly been possible due to the emergency closure of the Tinbergen building (Zoology and Experimental Psychology) that necessitated the early delivery of Chorus to the 800 staff who had to be relocated. IT Services succeeded in rapidly reconnecting telephony for displaced staff and, because Chorus assigns each individual a unique phone number which they can then access through their ‘preferred device’ (e.g. desk phone, mobile  or tablet), they will now retain that phone number wherever they are located whether temporarily or permanently.  

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Chorus service information and support:, (include Chorus in the subject line) or (01865 6) 12345.