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Enhanced training and support for data visualization

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Friday, 04 August 2017
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IT Services has developed a training and support service to enable research groups across the University to use interactive data visualizations in project websites and social media to facilitate the communication of their research to funders and potential collaborators.

The service offers:

  • a library of data visualizations scripts that Oxford researchers can use to quickly create interactive charts, network diagrams, maps and other types of visualizations.
  • classroom and online training to help researchers create their own data visualizations.
  • consultancy for research projects that can draw on a budget.

Courses have already been delivered to the Mathematical Physical and Life Sciences Division (MPLS), Social Sciences Doctoral Training Centres, 240 academics through the IT Learning Centre (ITLC), and seven Oxford postdocs who want to offer visualization support.

The courses focus on use of the R, Tableau and Mathematica systems and also include the practical steps researchers need to take to meet their responsibilities as outlined in the University Research Data Policy, for example how to choose a repository, when to publish a metadata record and how to get support for writing a data management plan.

The service currently has 20 visualization case studies, (see and has also been discussing collaboration with institutions outside of Oxford, for example OUP and Sheffield University.

Please contact Martin Hadley with any enquiries at