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Improved content on our Help site to support new students

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Friday, 08 September 2017
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The first thing many new students to Oxford want to do is connect to the WiFi so they can let friends and loved ones know they’ve arrived safely. Our own evidence as well as feedback from students and local IT staff is that information on how to do this can be confusing and difficult to find.

In order to address this we have revamped our Help site in time for the new academic year to include a home page with links to the areas likely to be of most interest to new students. The underlying content has also been rewritten to make it easier to use and simpler to understand, with new or updated instructions being created for getting connected to the WiFi, managing passwords, accessing email, as well as useful information on free or discounted software and what training courses are available.

The site also now includes contact information for local college and departmental IT staff who, in many cases provide first line support for staff and students. This work has prioritised the information most useful to new students, however work will continue over the coming months to update or archive out of date or unused materials to further improve the site.

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