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Thinking about a new website?

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Friday, 06 May 2016
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The IT Services WebCMS core platform project aims to provide a simple and easy tool that any individual researcher, academic department or college could use to communicate their work or activities with a wider community.  Knowledge & content sharing rather than technology is the primary focus, allowing non-IT users the autonomy to effectively create and manage their own websites.

The project is creating a service that aims to provide a common platform to users, which will also allow the University to develop a cost efficient system that is progressively improved by incorporating the ongoing feedback from users.

Demand for the pilot

The WebCMS pilot was launched in 2015 and has rapidly reached its maximum capacity, despite minimal publicity. This represents 30 sites, being used by nearly 50 users from 24 units or groups including research groups (11), departments/units (8), service groups (4), a student society, a college, an IT Innovation Challenge project and gardens (2). In addition, there are 12 potential clients on a waiting list to join the WebCMS platform.

Feedback from pilot users

During the pilot, feedback has been invited from users to:

  • validate the initial business case and value,
  • inform the planning for further developments of the core platform.
  • By taking this feedback on board, the project has maximised the value of the service and boosted uptake.

I have been most impressed with all the help which IT Services have given me in the pilot project. The website package is easy to use, and the template is a very attractive one, which has been praised by the colleagues who are contributing material to the site. I am looking forward very much to seeing it go live in due course. Oxford College Archives

This is excellent, and I expect that having a professionally managed CMS would cut the number of web server security incidents that the University suffers. Department of Plant Sciences

I was able to take the site from scratch to ready for launch in one day with 3 hours content uploading and editing. I was also able to show it to collaborators immediately for review (and the feedback has been good!). That's a lot easier than any other website I've ever had. Clarin UK

Next steps

The project team is continuing to work with the pilot users while developing the service model and it aims to have the WebCMS service live by the beginning of Hilary term 2017.

For further details please see the Web CMS project portfolio page and if you have any queries please contact the Project Manager Valentina Martilotti.

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