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Uptake of exceeds expectations

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Monday, 25 September 2017 logo

The University is entering the third year of its subscription to the online video library of IT courses (and more). Over the last year, nearly 10,000 hours of training videos were followed by members of the University; user habits vary from a quick dip in to find a short 5 minute video to solve a problem to following through a longer course of several hours. is also used extensively by the IT Learning Centre to provide basic digital skills training to the University and blended with our classroom-based courses and workshops.

The uptake of the platform has far exceeded our expectations, and at one point we had used 9,600 of our pool of 10,000 licences. After a clear out of leavers and unused accounts, we are back to around 6,500 users ready for this term’s new arrivals. The majority of users are staff and postgraduates, however there are a growing number of undergraduates who realise the potential of the resource. One of our key objectives is to get the majority of undergraduates to enhance their digital skills through, and we are considering how we might accommodate an extra 12,000 enthusiastic users!

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