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This are the NSMS charges for the financial year 2016/17. Please note that all prices are per annum if not stated otherwise.

To see the charges for the previous financial year, please see charges for previous year


Hourly and Daily Charges

Any consultancy or work is charged based on our hourly rate at £110 per hour. The minimum charge is 15 minutes and we typically charge to the next quarter hour. For customers requiring a longer commitment, we offer a discounted daily rate at £620 per day.

Service hourly cost daily cost
Consultancy £110 £620

Holiday cover

We no longer provide holiday cover.

Server management

Starting with the financial year 2016/17 we only offer fully comprehensive server management. We will work with customers holding existing monitoring contracts to migrate them to our fully comprehensive management service. The charges are as follows:

  Type of server operating system
Type of server management Linux Windows
Comprehensive £7,300 £7,700
Monitoring (deprecated) £4,540 £4,335

For large multiples of servers please contact us to discuss prices.

The above prices are based on the supply of a virtual server running in the University's private cloud and include the rental of the virtual server. (Note: the Server management service provides a fully managed virtual server and so is different from the Hosted VMs service.) A basic virtual server is provisioned with 2GB RAM, will have access to 1 vCPU and 50GB of storage. A suitable physical server may be purchased in preference to a virtual server. In this case the customer will bear the cost of the hardware and any additional hardware maintenance that may be required. The server specification must be agreed by NSMS in advance of any management contract being taken out.

More RAM, CPU and storage can be provided. These will be charged at cost, in line with the private cloud hosting.

Application & Web Hosting

Current Web Hosting

The table below indicates the annual charges that apply to the existing service.

Storage requirement Annual cost
<= 250MB £310
<= 500MB £520
<= 1GB £670
<= 15GB £825

Please note that any support or work incurred will be charged at our hourly rate.

Future Application & Web Hosting

Soon we plan to offer a new application & web hosting service to replace the previous web hosting service. We will work with customers on such contracts to migrate them to the new product.

The new service is offered in two tiers:

  • Basic hosting offers an affordable application and web hosting service without any extras or built-in support.
  • Comprehensive hosting provides enhanced security features for one application or web-site combined with the assurance a team of experts will provide assistance in case there is a security incident. 

Please refer to the application & web hosting service description for details and a comparison of the service tiers.

  One-off cost Monthly cost
Service tier initial setup base fee per 1 GB storage  per database
Basic £50 £15 £2.50 £2.50
Comprehensive £50 £55 £2.50 £2.50

Please note that any support or work incurred will be charged at our hourly rate.

Firewall management

Consultation and deployment cost

Charged at the standard NSMS day rate of £620.00, the total will depend on the complexity of the firewall in question. We will provide an estimate for consultation and deployment after an initial meeting to discuss your needs.

Purchase cost of firewall hardware

All firewall pricing comes complete with 5 years manufacture hardware warranty and all software updates for the device. There are two options for support;  

  • Working hours (8x5) support - this includes access to support services via telephone, the customer support web portal and online chat system – Faulty units need to be returned to Fortigate by the customer via courier, before a replacement unit is dispatched. Expected turnaround 3-5 working days. 
  • All hours (24x7) support - this includes access to support services via telephone, the customer support web portal and online chat system any time day or night. Faulty units are replaced Next Business Day, the faulty unit needs to be return to Fortigate by the customer within 30 days. This is our recommended option.
Device/Setup Firewall with 24x7 Support Firewall with 8x5 Support
FortiGate 70D (single device) £1,078 £878
FortiGate 70D (two devices in HA) £1,932 £1,433
FortiGate 100D (single device) £2,695 £2,072
FortiGate 100D (two devices in HA) £4,825 £3,585
FortiGate 200D (single device) £4,922 £3,782
FortiGate 200D (two devices in HA) £8,815 £6,540

Higher specification FortiGate firewall models can be purchased, deployed and/or fully managed, please contact NSMS directly for further information and pricing. FortiGate firewall device specifications are available on their website.

NSMS have negotiated preferential pricing for your unit’s chosen firewall device with Nouveau Solutions Ltd.  All firewall pricing excludes VAT and is subject to change as it is tied to the USD exchange rate.  All pricing assumes Ethernet connectivity and not fibre.  Should a unit wish to take advantage of the preferential pricing, please contact Amit of Nouveau Solution Ltd. directly on

UTM Option 

Unified Threat Management features are available on all FortiGate models with the exception of the 70D. We have also negotiated preferential pricing for enabling UTM features, if you are interested in using UTM please ask us for details. 

VDOM Option 

Virtual domains (VDOMs) are a method of dividing a FortiGate unit into two or more virtual firewalls that function as multiple independent units. VDOMs can provide separate firewall policies and, in NAT/Route mode, completely separate configurations for routing and VPN services for each connected network or organisation. 

Managed firewall support costs 

This support fee allows your unit’s recognised points of contact, to submit any support request or rule set change to our team of technical experts.  

  • £1625 per annum per firewall device(or HA pair).
  • Then £150 per annum for each additional VDOM if deployed.

Other information

Questions relating to the firewall service can be emailed to

All firewalls, purchased though Nouveau Solutions Ltd., come with 5 years hardware manufacturer warranty and software updates. After this time the device will need to be replaced to remain within the NSMS management scheme. NSMS will contact you in good time, so you can ensure that your budget projections are accurate, and assist you through the renewal processes. 

NSMS firewall contracts can be cancelled by giving one month’s notice and a refund of the monies paid towards the yearly support fees can and will be given. VAT has not been included in any figures being presented.

Orchard - Apple Device Management

The Orchard service is offered in two flavours:

  • Orchard fully managed device services providing comprehensive Apple device management including end user support.
  • Orchard tools for IT support staff allowing departmental IT staff access to the Orchard infrastructure to manage their unit's devices.

The key differences between both flavours is the amount of support provided by IT Services. Whilst the fully managed device service includes end user support provided by a specially trained in-house Apple support team, the tools for IT support staff requires departmental IT staff to support its Apple users. The new tools for IT support staff provide a significantly reduced per device cost, with IT Services only recovering per device license fees for the provided management frameworks.

The table below displays the annual charges that apply to the Orchard services:

  Orchard fully managed devices Orchard tools for IT support staff
Device Type base fee per device base fee per device
Desktop management (macOS) £2,700 £270 £3,700 £20
Tablet/phone management (iOS) £1,000 £80 £2,000 £15

The above prices are based on the principle that each department or college incurs a base fee regardless of the number of managed Apple devices within that unit. The base fee covers some of the cost to manage the infrastructure underpinning all Orchard services. Furthermore, the Orchard service is completely tailored to each customer’s requirements with every unit having a unique configuration depending on the required integration with the local environment, e.g. directory serivces, storage, printing etc. This tailoring is a large part of the base fee for fully managed devices and the same work needs to be performed whether there is a single managed device or one hundred. For the new Orchard tools for IT support staff service, the base fee is slightly higher to cover the overheads related to granting IT staff access to the underpinning infrastructure and managing University-wide collaboration. However, the per device fees are dramatically cheaper as IT Services only recovers per device license costs.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The Orchard team within IT Services also offers the procurement and management of selected licenses for Adobe Creative Cloud for Orchard customers and collaborators. These licenses can be automatically deployed to any managed system. Adobe Creative Cloud offers device licenses for shared devices like public terminals or teaching suites and named licenses for individual users. Named licenses may be activated on two devices, e.g. a workstation and a laptop, as long as the product is not used simultaneously on both devices.

  License type
Adobe Product named user license device license
Adobe Creative Cloud (full suite) £288 £228
Adobe individual application £144 n/a

An Illustration

To give you an example, a customer has 25 iMacs and 15 iPads wants to take out an Orchard fully managed device service contract to deleage full support of these devices to the Orchard team at IT Services. The annual fee is constructed as follows:

Service Amount Fee Total
Orchard - Desktop service base fee 1x £2,700 £2,700
Orchard - Desktop management (per device) 25x £270 £6,750
Orchard - Tablet/phone service base fee 1x £1,000 £1,000
Orchard - Tablet/phone management (per device) 15x £80 £1,200
Annual fee: £11,650

The department recruits some IT support staff with a good understanding of Apple technologies. The following year they change their Orchard subscription to the Orchard tools for IT support staff flavour and take charge of the end user support and development. Their annual fee changes as follows:

Service Amount Fee Total
Orchard - Desktop service base fee 1x £2,700 £2,700
Orchard - Desktop tools for ITSS (add-on) 1x £1,000 £1,000
Orchard - Desktop license (per device) 25x £20 £500
Orchard - Tablet/phone service base fee 1x £1,000 £1,000
Orchard - Tablet/phone tools for ITSS (add-on) 1x £1,000 £1,000
Orchard - Tablet/phone license (per device) 15x £15 £225
Annual fee: £6,425

Oxford Private Cloud: Hosted VM

Please note that all Oxford Private Cloud prices are per calendar month. The Hosted VM service is officially part of the data centre services.

Virtual machines Monthly cost
Standard Virtual Machine
(1 vCPU,2GB RAM, 50GB storage, 1 virtual NIC)
Additional Memory (per GB)


Additional vCPU £8.50
Additional Storage (per 20GB) £3.50

Discounts may be available for larger storage requirements please email

Oxford Private Cloud: Virtual Data Centre

Please note that all Oxford Private Cloud prices are per calendar month. The Cloud Virtual Data Centre service is officially part of the data centre services.

Virtual Data Centres Monthly cost
Small (10 GHz, 20GB RAM, 500GB storage) £330
Medium (20 GHz, 40GB RAM, 1000GB storage) £660
Large (30 GHz, 60GB RAM, 1500GB storage) £990

CPU provided with a 25% guarantee. If you need assistance in pricing or specifying a virtual machine please contact us at

Deprecated Services

Request tracker

Starting with the financial year 2016/17 the Request Tracker service is considered deprecated and we are no longer accepting new contracts. We will work with existing customers to migrated them off the service before its decommisioning by end of July 2016.

  One-off set-up Annual cost
Managed Request Tracker £234 £600

Configuration, customisations and other consultancy will be charged based on our hourly and daily consultancy rates.