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Customer information

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Whether you are a new or an existing NSMS customer, read on for all the information you need about contracts, billing and service details.


New customers

As soon as you agree a contract with NSMS, you should complete a Customer Registration Form (CRF), which must be authorised by your departmental administrator, or departmental authorising body. We will need the completed CRF before we start the service.

If you are a new customer for NSMS services, or would like to amend existing details, please download and complete our Customer Registration Form, available as a PDF file.

Changing or terminating a contract

If you want to change or terminate a contract, you must notify us one month in advance. Please make sure that any requests for start, change or termination to a contract have gone through our Request Tracker system and that you have the corresponding RT ticket number in hand.

How to report an incident or request help

We use a Request Tracker system to ensure that your request is dealt with quickly and efficiently, whether you contact us by phone or email.  We will send you a ticket number, which you should keep and quote on all further correspondence.

If you are an existing customer of NSMS and you need to report an incident or request help then the best way to contact us is to email  This ensures that your message will be instantly routed into our Request Tracker system where we can allocate it to the appropriate person.

Billing and finance

Payment methods

Some of our services, such as web hosting, are billed on an annual basis. Others, such as our hourly charged support and consultancy, are billed on a monthly basis. The billing system is the same for all services, regardless of the billing period.

All of our client contracts are billed under the Oracle Financials system by journal transfer.  All the billing contacts specified on a contract will be notified 10 working days before any journal transfer takes place. The notification will include the details of the charge, the date and charging string code. If you have any changes or queries you should notify us within 10 working days.

To enable this process there is an auditing requirement that NSMS has your authorisation for charging and invoicing your unit. This is why we need a Customer Registration Form for all new clients.

Our charges

NSMS services are charged for either on an hourly basis (billed monthly) or on the basis of an annual agreement, depending on the type of service required. Annual charges apply to the twelve month period from August through to the following July, inclusive. If an annual agreement starts partway through this twelve month period, the initial billing is for a pro rata amount for the period up to the end of July.

Service level agreements

NSMS operates different service level descriptions/agreements for each service. However, all agreements are based around a common set of clauses.

NSMS service level agreements - general
Server management service level agreement
Web hosting service level agreement
VM4rent service description
Mac managed platform service level agreement