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The NSMS team offers a number of services to help protect your network, including; a managed firewall service and pre-negotiated discounted pricing for buying your own firewall to manage locally.

How we can help you

Concerns about computer security dominate today's IT environment. Units of the University are responsible for their Local Area Network (LAN).  Having a firewall at the point of their FroDo, helps to protect the data, users and network enabled devices. NSMS offers a fully managed perimeter firewall service to the units of the University.

Our services

NSMS maintains over 25 firewalls for Colleges and Departments around the University.

The NSMS managed firewall service offers the following features:

  • Initial consultation to determine the firewall model required and to scope the rule-set.
  • Assistance with the purchasing of the chosen firewall from our supported range.
  • Installation of all firmware, operating system and application updates, made available from the firewall manufacturer, whilst under the manufacturers’ warranty and the NSMS support agreement.
  • Real time monitoring of the firewall ensures that NSMS will respond promptly if there is a problem. Local IT staff will be informed throughout.
  • NSMS will carry out a backup of the firewall configuration files before every system or rule-set change. This means we can roll back the system to a previous configuration if necessary (up to seven previous configurations).
  • The NSMS managed firewalls log traffic to a central system logging (syslog) server hosted at IT Services. This means that there is an archived 90 day audit trail, which we can make available to you on request.
  • If the firewall hardware should fail, we will configure and replace the hardware (usually within 4 hrs or worst case NBD).
  • Should you need us, we offer telephone, email, and on-site support during our advertised office hours.

Should a unit of the University want to manage their own device, then they can take advantage of the already negotiated discounted pricing with Nouveau Solutions Limited.  See Device pricing details for more information.

What can I do, once I know I want an NSMS managed firewall?

Please send NSMS an email via stating your need for this service. We will then get in touch with you, arrange a visit and help you identify the best solution to meet your unit’s needs.  After this has all happened, we will then enter in to detailed discussions concerning your network configuration and security requirements.  Where the customer isn't certain about their network configuration or needs, we will investigate and make appropriate recommendations for you to consider and choose from.

What you need to know

Firewall management charges