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Request Tracker (RT) from BestPractical is ticketing system which enables your team to intelligently and efficiently manage tasks, issues and requests submitted by your users.

How we can help you

Request Tracker manages key tasks such as prioritisation, assignment, resolution and notification. It is ideal for business applications such as help desks, project management, software development and CRM. The system has been in use for many years at IT Services as their helpdesk system, and is also in use by many teams inside the Department.

Our services

The NSMS team provide a managed hosting platform for Request Tracker, with a range of services available. In all cases the database back end of the service is managed by NSMS and backed up on a daily basis.

The Managed Service is suitable for an organisation that intends to use the service on a fairly large scale. It consists of a Request Tracker setup, over which you will have full administration rights. NSMS will ensure that email to the system and the secure web front end are correctly functioning, and that regular backups are taken. You will be able to add queues and authorised users (the system will be set up to use Webauth, by default).

The Customisable Service is a Managed Service in which you would have a UNIX login to the server. This would enable you to re-brand and add extensions to your service (at your own risk).

A training service is available for new customers who are unfamiliar with the details of the RT system.  We can also offer a consultancy service if further customisation is required to meet specific requirements.

What you need to know

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