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Project portfolio

IT Services runs a large number of projects delivering business applications, core IT services, IT infrastructure and promoting the innovative use of IT in teaching and research. A number of the projects are delivered in conjunction with partners both within and outside the University. Business application projects are run with close cooperation between IT Services and the UAS department that is responsible for the underlying business processes.

The list below represents a small sample of our existing yet ever-changing project portfolio:

Featured projects

pen and figures
Providing a robust and efficient budgeting and forecasting system to support the University’s financial management.
laptop and book
Making the University Card system more robust and effective.
Improving the quality, strength and depth of collegiate-wide lifetime relationships and communications with alumni and friends.
Library group
Delivering the development of Oxford's IT-based systems for students, applicants, academic and administrative staff.
Server Management
Ensuring the security of the University’s data into the future.
abstract people
Streamlining how we manage digital identities and how people access the resources they need at the University
Developing and maturing the University’s information security arrangements.
Chorus logo
Modernising Oxford’s communications with the new Chorus service.
Developing cloud based email services for the future.
migrating cranes
Streamlining the management of Pensions at the University.