Changes to the University webauth pages

On Tuesday 13 August 2013, the webauth page, where members of the University type in their Oxford account credentials, will change.

Why are the pages changing?

The new pages will work better with smaller screened devices such as tablets and phones as well as with larger screens on laptops and desktops. The new appearance is also consistent with the branding used for webpages of other services provided for the University by IT Services.

Why is news of the change important?

Over the years, there has been significant user education around the University to improve IT security, including warnings against typing account credentials in to a page you do not recognise. IT Services are now changing the appearance of the main account credentials page. Please be reassured that the webpages are authentic, they have not somehow been altered unexpectedly or maliciously.

Always check the URL of any page asking for your account details. The appearance of the webauth screen will change. The URL - - will not.

What does it look like now?

 Screen shot pre-13 Aug 2013 SSO login

What will it look like from 13 August 2013?

 Screen shot new SSO login screen after 13 August 2013

Screen shot of new login screen

Screen shot SSO confirmation screen after 13 Aug 2013

New confirmation screen

Screen shot new SSO menu screen after 13 August 2013

New menu screen

Always make sure to check the url showing in your browser before you type in your credentials: