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Help and advice

One of the most important things we do is to help users across the whole University get the most out of IT and deal with problems when they arise.

Our service desk staff include experts in almost all aspects of University IT. We're on hand to answer a huge range of queries – from lost passwords and broken laptops, to business system enquiries and issues of information security. We support students, academics, and administrative staff, whether they are working in Oxford, at home or abroad.

For most people, your first port of call for getting help will be your local IT Support Staff (ITSS) in your college or department. Come directly to us if you're having problems with your University email, or your Oxford Single Sign-On account.

Via our support centres, we also provide specialist help for our business services such as HRIS, Student Systems, Financials and DARS. For our fellow IT Support Staff across the University, we provide dedicated, fast-track, expert-to-expert support through the IT Support Staff Services team.

We can also help out with software – the software licensing service offers excellent prices on a whole range of applications, and we maintain a substantial library of site licences to cover the wide range of University requirements.

If you're stuck, you could try taking a look at our FAQs, trouble-shooting guides and other online advice resources on the IT Help site. These cover everything from problems with email to diagnosing and curing your computer's virus.


Contact us

Visit the help site or contact the service desk.

If you need specialist business system support, you can also contact the appropriate support centre:

Development and Alumni Relations System (DARS)

Financial Systems Support Centre

Using HRIS

Student Systems Support Centre

X5: research costing and pricing system

Business Intelligence