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Networks and infrastructure

We provide the fundamental IT services that underpin day-to-day life across the University.

For example, we provide the networks that keep everyone at the University connected to each other and the outside world. These are the networks that we all use every time we go online, use wifi, or send an email; they’re what link you to the University’s virtual world even when you’re off-campus.

We manage the University-wide ethernet, which provides fast links between systems. We also maintain the links to the national and international networks (Janet and the internet). We manage the wireless service, and provide the central infrastructure that allow departments and colleges to provide a standard set of wireless services.

Part of our remit is to provide identity and access management services to the University. Many of the University’s IT systems and services require user accounts and passwords for secure access. We manage these user accounts, change passwords when required and facilitate interaction between different IT systems inside and outside the University.

We also provide a wide range of services to help colleges, departments and individuals with their server and data needs. These range from a shared University data centre in which your IT equipment can run, to virtual machines, to the University’s cloud computing facilities.

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