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Support University administration

We provide the IT tools and systems that keep the University running – from student records and finance to fundraising, research grant management and human resources. In all, we manage nearly 200 systems, reaching into every corner of the University’s day-to-day life. As well as making sure these systems are operating smoothly, we provide and manage access to them and offer training and documentation for the people who use them.

We’re in charge of providing the help and support people need to use our systems properly. As well as the central Service Desk, each group of administrative systems has its own specialist support centre. For problems that the Service Desk can’t solve, we coordinate second-line support from internal and external experts. We have a service manager whose role is to facilitate communications and processes across the support centres.

An important part of our work is to make sure that all the support centres have a consistent and auditable approach to security and access management, for all the central business IT systems. This includes coordinating all security and system administration, and making sure that security, system administration and access management are properly considered when services are being designed.

IT Services is represented on a number of management groups, helping to provide strategic and operational support. These groups include Financial Systems Management Group (FSMG), the Student Systems Leadership Group, the Business Intelligence (BI) Operations Group and others.

We’re continually improving the business systems we provide to make sure that they do the best job possible for their users, and that the University operates at the level expected of a world-class organisation.