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Electronic lab notebooks available to all University of Oxford researchers

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Monday, 02 July 2018
e-lab notebooks

What’s a lab notebook? Traditionally, these have been bound, paper volumes used to record day-to-day activities, experimental plans and compliance information in scientific laboratories. They are an essential element of any well-run lab.

As of June 2018, Oxford has signed up to a site licence for LabArchives, a cloud-based electronic lab notebook solution which is now available to all Oxford researchers. A key early adopter, Professor Catherine Green, Head of Core in Chromosome Dynamics at the Nuffield Department of Medicine said: "As a Principal Investigator, it gives me a really good way of communicating with my team and storing our research data securely and yet in a readily accessible manner.”

Electronic lab notebooks systems make it much easier to search research records and can hold digital data from instrumentation directly (paper lab notebooks often feature a lot of glued-in printouts). They also make retention of records much less space-intensive; often a lab will have cupboards full of old notebooks stretching back for years, simply in order to meet basic compliance requirements from the University and funders.

If you would like to try LabArchives, visit our Help pages for information on getting started, and email if you have questions about LabArchives at Oxford, or would like to meet to discuss your requirements.


Image credit: istock - sanjeri

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