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Free your calls with OpenScape Mobile and Chorus

News publication date: 
Wednesday, 06 June 2018
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The project to deliver Chorus has been completed but do you know all it can do for you yet? The OpenScape Mobile client (OSMO) can help when working outside the office, at home or elsewhere, and ensures you continue to receive calls in the event of a network or power failure.

OpenScape Mobile allows you to receive calls to your office number on your mobile device and if you make an outgoing call it appears to come from your business number, protecting your mobile phone number. You can also transfer calls from your mobile to another phone or device mid-call, great if you are out and about and then come into range of WiFi for example.

Calls made to and from your mobile whilst connected to Wi-Fi are free,  but calls made while connected to your data network will use your data allowance or may incur a small charge for data sent during the call setup.

To use OpenScape Mobile, download the app from your apps store and register your Chorus account. To receive calls you also need to select mobile as your preferred device. This can be done on your phone or via a web browser

Full instructions are on the IT Services help pages for Android and iOS.