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Help us to help you

News publication date: 
Wednesday, 09 May 2018
Service desk person

Our central Service Desk staff help all members of the University with a wide variety of IT issues. Providing easy, user-friendly access to IT help, particularly during a large-scale IT project such as Nexus365, is key to resolving user issues quickly and satisfactorily.

Since the migrations to Nexus365 began earlier this year, the Service Desk has seen a significant increase in demand. During the week of 23 April, the team received over 1000 telephone calls in one week for the very first time, with 370 of those relating to Nexus365. In fact, the total number of calls received in April this year was more than 3500, that’s over 2000 more than April 2017!

In support of this increased demand the Service Desk has taken action:

  • A new option dedicated to Nexus365 has been added to better channel those support calls relating to the migration when customers telephone 12345
  • We are in the midst of a round of recruitment designed to increase our resources and thereby our responsiveness
  • Adoption of a remote support tool to connect onto your machine where appropriate, in order to investigate, troubleshoot or help diagnose any issues whilst you are on the phone. 

Of course not all support is offered by telephone; we are also seeing a marked increase in the volume of email to the Service Desk each week. During the week commencing 23 April, emails sent to the Service Desk increased by nearly 30%! As a result it may be taking a little longer to respond to your enquiry, particularly during peak times. Please try to supply as much information as you can in your initial email – this will help us to reduce the number of times we come back to you with queries.

And if your query is urgent – please call 12345 and stay on the line. The sooner we can speak to you to gather all the details, the quicker we will be able to work to resolve your issue.


Contact the Service Desk: 01865 612345 (open 24/7) or email