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Improvements to the University web search (Funnelback) service

News publication date: 
Thursday, 04 January 2018
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The University web search service utilises Funnelback search technology to facilitate improved site searching across the Oxford domain. The service is maintained and managed by IT Services and is the preferred method for providing University searching and internal searching.

In recent months the Web and Emerging Technologies team has been making improvements to the University web search service using Funnelback. Result accuracy for web searches across Oxford sites has increased, as has the number of tools available to site owners. Specific enhancements include:

Click tracking enabled. Funnelback can track which results are clicked and this data can be used to provide improved result rankings. This will be used to improve the quality of search data on Oxford sites.

Curator rules available. Site owners can define a trigger and resulting action to customise search results on a site; for example, for a specific search result you can specify that a certain page or document should be promoted based upon a user's query (also known as 'best bets'). Site owners can also define synonyms for common search terms to ensure users are presented with the best results.

Improvements to indexing schedule. It now takes less time for Funnelback to crawl sites meaning that pages get indexed more quickly, results are more up to date and the process is much more efficient.

If you are a site owner interested in utilising these enhancements, please email and the Web and Emerging Technologies team will provide guidance on setting up a dashboard. If you have any general enquiries about Funnelback, please refer to the information on the Help site or email the team

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