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IT Skills Toolkit: learning by doing

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018
People and computers in training room

When staff from Research Services approached the IT Learning Centre for ways of developing their team’s IT skills, they said they needed an engaging, focussed event that would appeal to staff across a range of IT experience. The “IT Skills Toolkit” workshop turned out to suit the group rather well. This presented a range of tasks set up in a lively, carousel format, where people moved around between tables, visiting each task in turn.

“We could have stood up and lectured at them for an hour”, said Pamela Stanworth, one of the IT Teachers who organised the event, “but we know from experience that it’s hard for people to focus and take in detail that way”.

Trying out a range of neatly designed, hands-on tasks proved to be a more engaging way for staff to learn. Experienced IT Teachers were on hand to guide people and discuss how these skills could apply in their everyday work.

IT Teachers worked with the group’s leaders to select topics that would be interesting and useful. A wide range of topics can be covered in this format (there may be an extra charge for creating new topic tasks).  This group chose topics including:

  • Neat ways to analyse your data
  • Managing large structured documents
  • Time‑saving tools
  • Tips for good practice with word-processing
  • Variety of IT learning opportunities

Staff who took part told us:

“The layout was excellent, not too long per exercise, taxing enough for those who know Office well”

“Top-tips were well pitched and great – I won’t make the same mistakes I’ve perhaps been making in the past”

“IT Skills Toolkit” workshops can be arranged for other groups (staff or course groups) around the University. This can offer a great contribution to staff development or help a team make progress in effectively working together. There is a charge for closed courses – read more here. Contact us via email to explore how this kind of event could help your group.

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