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VBA: Kick-off

News publication date: 
Monday, 08 January 2018

The VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming language is available in all the major Microsoft Office applications and can be used to write programs to carry out repetitive tasks or complex operations. This workshop will introduce you to a real VBA program and under guidance from your teacher, you will explore how a typical VBA program works without getting into the detail of the language syntax.

The version of VBA used will be VBA for Excel, however the basics are the same for all versions of VBA. Once you have seen how a program works, you will be encouraged to start an online course that will give you a more formal introduction to the language. The online course can be continued after the workshop, and for the following three weeks you will have access to the workshop leader to ask questions about the course or to get clarification about the concepts. 


  • Recognise the structure of a VBA program
  • Identify components such as variables and constants, selection and repetition structures, functions and objects
  • Be able to make simple changes to a VBA program
  • Have engaged with an online course to learn the basics of programming in VBA.