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The IT Capital Plan

The IT Development Plan is aimed at funding investment in the development of University-wide IT systems and the infrastructure that supports them.

Themes for investment

To ensure that this investment is aligned with the University’s IT strategy, its overall strategic aims, and the needs of its various user communities, a number of themes have been identified to focus activity.  Currently these are:

  • Business Systems – the central, core administrative systems used across the University for HR, finance, fundraising and so on
  • Digital Content – digital asset management, digitisation processes, and cataloguing
  • Education – the student digital experience, student systems, teaching and learning
  • Infrastructure – networks, major shared services, access management and security, and data architecture
  • Innovation
  • Research – managing data used in and resulting from research projects, high-performance computing, and research grant management
  • User Services and IT Excellence – user support, delivery of services, provision and management of PCs and mobile devices.

The budget for delivering the Plan

The budget for delivering the Plan is referred to as the 'IT envelope'. The size of the envelope is set by Council on a three-year rolling basis on the recommendation of the University’s Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC).  Within this envelope, notional sub-envelopes are allocated to each theme to ensure that investment is balanced across the piece. Managing the budget this way allows for flexibility in how the envelope is spent and responsiveness to changing needs during the investment period.  

As part of the University’s overall capital plan, the size of the IT envelope is subject to change.

Approving and monitoring expenditure from the IT envelope

Council has oversight of the IT envelope, but has delegated responsibility for approving expenditure from the envelope on individual projects to IT Committee (ITC), up to a ceiling of £5.0M. To ensure the funds from the envelope are used appropriately, a number of IT Boards (SSO required) have been established. The Boards review project proposals and may approve requests up to a limit of £300K. Requests for more than that amount are referred to ITC with a recommendation for approval.

More details regarding how University investment in IT is managed is available to members of the University from IT Services' SharePoint site.

Accessing funds from the IT envelope

More information about how to submit a request for project funding from the IT envelope is available from the projects and programmes pages of our website.