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Service Catalogue


Our service catalogue is a list of the customer-facing services provided by IT Services. We have provided various ways to view the catalogue:

  • by clusters of services around a particular theme, e.g. research support
  • by role, e.g. student
  • as an A to Z listing which is searchable by service name or keyword

Most services have a summary page that lists information such as a link to the service itself, a link to further information on the service, its status, details of how to get support, details of who is responsible for the service, a link to the service level description and an indication of the size of the user population. Over the coming months we will be working to ensure that all services have such a summary page.

Whilst each service entry does contain details of how to get support for that service it is not a resource that will answer your support queries. For specific support queries please see our online support resources, accessed through our website, or contact our help centre. In time we hope to link this catalogue to a service request catalogue, giving you a clear route to request the service.