Connect to the internet

Internet access, whether wired or Wi-Fi, is widely available throughout the University and colleges, including some outside areas like the University Parks.


Each college and department chooses how to set up internet access in their own buildings, but the eduroam wireless service is the most widely available. Internet access provided by eduroam is not only available in Oxford, but in academic institutions around the world – with the same username and password.

These are the steps for getting set up on eduroam:

  1. Activate your Oxford Single Sign-on (SSO) account, if you haven’t done so already
  2. Go to the Self-Registration website to generate a Remote Access account
  3. Download the eduroam Configuration Assistance Tool (CAT) to help you set up eduroam
  4. Install eduroam
  5. When you want to connect to Wi-Fi, click on eduroam in your WiFi options and enter your Remote Access username and password. To avoid entering your credentials every time, you can select the option on your device to always connect/remember


You will need a Remote Access account to get onto eduroam. This is separate from your Single Sign-On account, and has a different password but the same username. Don’t forget that your Remote Access login is your Oxford username followed by @OX.AC.UK (upper case). Simple descriptions of these different accounts are available on our helpful Your University accounts page.


Managed Staff Desktop (CONNECT)

If you have a computer that is part of the Managed Staff Desktop service – this mainly applies to staff in University Administration and Services (UAS), as well as those in Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM) – you can access the internet easily. If your managed computer is connected via its network cable or your managed laptop is docked, you will automatically get online through the University’s ethernet. All you have to do is log in to your CONNECT account.


Your CONNECT account is different from your Single Sign-On account, and you will be helped to set it up when you join the University. For more information, see our Your University accounts page.


Other ways to get online at the University

Most desktop machines in the University will have wired internet access for staff and students. Wired internet access is also available from computer clusters located in libraries.

Network restrictions

The University network has a finite data capacity which is shared between all members of the University. Some colleges and departments may restrict some file sharing applications to avoid excessive consumption of these shared resources. Please check with your local IT staff.

Remember, too, that file sharing copyright material is illegal and could result in prosecution.