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Our projects and programmes are the basis for continually improving the IT services and capability available to the University. These improvements might be delivered through a large programme of work, such as the Education IT programme, which encompasses a series of projects, or by a one-off project such as a software upgrade.

Projects fall into two strands: designing and implementing new services or providing enhancements and upgrades to existing services. Areas covered include business systems (such as those used by HR or Finance) and IT infrastructure (such as hardware and software), as well as innovations in using IT for research, teaching and learning. Our Programmes and Projects website gives more information about what we’re working on at the moment.

How we deliver projects

Our project teams combine expertise in project management, software testing, business change and communications. Technical specialists from across IT Services are engaged to work with the project management team. This ensures that each project is professionally run, focusing on the brief, the budget and the benefits.  

We have developed a consistent approach to managing projects, from the early stages of planning and consultation through to delivery. We have made this Project Framework available in SharePoint as a useful resource for others in the University.

Projects are delivered in collaboration with other teams and users around the University, and based on their ideas. Each one starts with a project request that sets out what it is intended to achieve. Once approved, this is followed by scoping, definition and delivery.

To ensure that a project is in line with the University’s IT Strategy, requests are reviewed by the relevant IT Board (Digital Content, Education IT, Infrastructure, Research IT, Research Computing, Finance Systems Board, DARS Oversight Board, HR Systems Board, or the Focus Programme Board).

What is an IT Project?

If you want to find out more, this interview with Ian Wild, our former Director of Programme and Project Delivery, explains what an IT project is, and how it's decided which projects go ahead.



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