Free from IT Services

We offer many free services and facilities to all members of the University – staff and students.


We offer a range of free and low cost software to members of the University. Check out the full list of what’s available and how to obtain it. 


You have free access to a vast online library of instructional videos covering the latest software and more through our online IT learning resources. We also offer teacher-led courses, some of which are free, including free lunchtime sessions.


You can install up-to-date anti-virus software free of charge. 

If you’re a new student and you’ve brought your own computer to University, ask for advice from your college IT Support Staff about college anti-virus procedures.

Check out the dedicated Information Security website for video guides, advice and the latest security news.


Send files up to 25GB to anyone with the free OxFile service

Use SharePoint to collaborate, hold club pages or organise your thesis resources. 

Use OneDrive for Business or Teams with Nexus365


Access free Wi-Fi via eduroam in Oxford and other universities around the world. 

For secure access, use our Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to reach restricted resources when you are not in the office. 


We make free podcasts of lectures, talks and events on a wide range of topics – available to anyone. 

Our free lecture capture service means lecturers can record their sessions for revision and greater access.


We offer free IT support and advice, centrally and local to your college or department. 


A large-scale central backup and archive service, known as  HFS, is available to postgraduates and University staff.