Information security

Woman on computer, with shadowy man in background


We work closely with the University’s Information Security team to ensure that our services are secure and that information security risks are managed effectively within our department. We also provide services that help you to collect, process and store information securely.

Guidance and policy

Within Information Security, the Governance, Risk and Compliance Team provides the guidance and policy that helps divisions, departments and colleges to manage and share their data safely. They also provide specialist services such as helping the University to comply with security standards for processing payment card data.

Monitoring and protecting

Meanwhile, the Oxford Computer Emergency Response Team (OxCERT) works on the frontline, monitoring networks and systems to prevent and respond to external attacks.

The part you can play

There is also much that staff and students can do for themselves: choosing secure passwords, sharing the right information with the right people and generally following common-sense rules for keeping safe online. The Information Security website has easy-to-follow guidance to help with these everyday tasks. They Information Security team has also put together an online awareness training module which is available to all staff, and is compulsory for those in UAS and some other departments.