Getting help

Step 1: Self help

Many problems have a fairly straightforward solution that you may be able to find yourself. This is always worth trying as it is often the quickest way to sort out your problem.

If your computer is still usable, try these ways to find help online:

  1. Check our Service status page, which reports major network or server faults 
  2. Use your computer's on-screen help system
  3. Check your College IT pages – some list Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  4. Search the IT Services Help site, which has advice and information on topics such as email, passwords and connecting to the network.
  5. Look on the software or hardware supplier's support web site
  6. Try a general web search using a search engine. Typing the exact wording of an error message into Google (within double quotes) often finds a page outlining the problem and its solution


If you have problems with your IT accounts (such as a forgotten password), you may be able to solve these through the Webauth or Self-Registration websites. The accounts and passwords page has more information.


Step 2: College and departmental IT support

If you can’t resolve the problem yourself, consult your college or departmental IT Support Staff. They will be familiar with local IT systems and will also know about any problems affecting the college or department network or servers.

Step 3: Contact the IT Service Desk

The central IT Service Desk provides technical support and advice to all members of the University on a whole range of IT problems.

To contact the Service Desk, phone them on 12345 (please have your University Card to hand). Telephone support is available 24/7. You can also log a support call online.