Collaboration takes many forms – document sharing, messaging and conference calls, for example – so there are various choices for different collaborative working scenarios.

Storing and sharing files

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Store and work together on documents with my internal team Nexus365 Teams lets team members work on documents at the same time, without checking them in and out. You can set up a Team yourself.
SharePoint (if this has been set up for your team) is also good for sharing  ‘work in progress’ documents. The SharePoint directory lists the University’s SharePoint sites, along with contact details for each site collection administrator. 
Store my team’s files for ad hoc sharing on a temporary basis If you need to share files outside of University use Nexus365 OneDrive for Business.
This should only be a temporary location while you are working on the documents. Final versions should be moved elsewhere, for example your departmental shared drive.
Store my team’s files for ad hoc sharing on a temporary basis Oxford’s virtual learning environment is moving from WebLearn to Canvas. Canvas will include a collaboration area for students working on assignments together, which makes use of the Nexus365 OneDrive functionality.
Store digital recordings of lectures Replay Lecture capture is a simple-to-use tool to record and securely store lecture recordings.
Share large files with colleagues OxFile is a service for staff or students to exchange large files, both internally and externally.


Online chat

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Quickly ask colleagues a question There are several options available for instant messaging.
Nexus365 Teams allows focused messaging on specific topics through the Conversation functionality within channels. This allows you to keep conversations together for easy access.
Nexus365 Chat is part of Nexus365 Teams but can also be used for messaging with anyone within the University. These messages are saved, so be aware of GDPR guidelines.
Chorus – instant messaging with other Chorus users at the University, wherever they are located. These messages are not saved.


Audio and video for meetings

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Hold an audio/video meeting

This depends on what you want to be able to do in the meeting, and the type of delegates (internal to the University or external).
You can use:
Nexus365 Teams for internal meetings. You can use video, providing you have webcams, and can share screens via ShareTray.
We recommend Nexus365 tools as your first choice. Other options for audio/video meetings are:
Chorus: internally within the University, and can also be used for meetings with external delegates. Good for teleconferencing and web collaboration.
Canvas: users of the Canvas VLE have access to Big Blue Button functionality to hold video meetings.

We have also produced a guide to holding remote meetings, with lots of hints, tips and good practice.