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Welcome to IT

This section is a brief guide to the essential IT information you will need as a member of the University. Most IT services and resources are provided by IT Services; links to library, college and departmental services are also included.

If you are new to the University, you might find it helpful to read the pages in the order suggested below.


Students in the park with laptops and phones

What IT equipment a fresher needs to bring, what is likely to be provided, restrictions and recommendations.

Sheldonian theatre and phone box

Your Oxford Single Sign-On account entitles you to use all University resources provided by IT Services and many others run by other parts of the University. Find out how it works and how to activate it.

bunch of cables and connections

How to connect to the internet in your college, department, around and away from Oxford. Using Eduroam, Remote Access accounts, VPN and more.


Information security is taken very seriously at Oxford University. Advice on passwords, phishing, loss and theft, using public computers, viruses, updates and more.

Book cover titled 1001 Wonderful Things

Free and low-cost software - what's available and how to get it.

Carousel at St Giles fair

Information about Nexus, Oxford University's email service. Includes how to use it, other features (Nexus calendar, Sharepoint) and dealing with spam.

Comparing latest phones

Services that help you share and store information while at Oxford University, their advantages, file limits, etc.

Row of punts

An overview of the IT services and resources for staff and students at Oxford University. Courses, self-paced learning, WebLearn (VLE), data backup and more.


Advice for new staff and students at Oxford University on where to go for help with computer problems, college and departmental support and the IT Service Desk..

Laptop and paperwork

Computer usage rules and guidelines for all members of the University of Oxford.

Keyboard with FREE in colour

A brief guide to the most popular free services and facilities from IT Services