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Getting help and dealing with hardware problems

Computers, like any piece of equipment, occasionally fail. And working computers may not always do what you want. Many problems turn out to have a fairly straightforward solution that you may well be able to find yourself. This is always worth trying as it is often the quickest route.

Don't forget to bring all software CDs, warranty and licence documents to University.

1. If your computer is still usable, check on-screen resources

  • Use your computer's on-screen help system
  • Check your College IT pages – some list Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Look on IT Services Help site, which has advice on topics such as computer viruses or email. Use the search facility
  • View the answers to IT Services's Frequently Asked Questions.
  • See the IT Services PC support pages for computer problems
  • Check the Service status web page, which reports major network or server faults
  • Look on the software or hardware supplier's support web site.
  • Look at the Microsoft Updates or Apple Support pages.
  • Try a general web search using a search engine such as Google. Typing the exact wording of an error message into Google (within double quotes) often finds a page outlining the problem and its solution.

2. College and departmental IT support

  • If you cannot identify the problem yourself, consult your college or departmental IT Support Staff. They will be familiar with local IT procedures and will know of current problems affecting the college or department network or servers.
  • New undergraduates who have brought their own computer should seek advice about connection to a college network and college anti-virus procedures from their college IT Support Staff.
  • Contact details for many local IT support staff can be found on our Help site.

3. IT Service Desk

Provides technical support and advice to all members of the University on a whole range of IT problems.

  • Gives access to a wide range of expertise within IT Services to which problems can be referred.
  • To contact the Service Desk, use the online Help Request Form or phone them on (01865 6) 12345 (please have your University Card to hand). Telephone support is available 24/7. The Service Desk will endeavour to fix your problem straight away, if they need to see you in person to resolve the issue, they will arrange a convenient appointment.
  • Please bring your University card with you when visiting the Service Desk. The Service Desk is at 13 Banbury Road, OX2 6NN
  • Problems with accounts allocated by IT Services which cannot be solved through the self-registration pages are also handled by the Service Desk. Contact them on (01865 6) 12345 or use the Help Request Form

Under warranty?

  • If you have a definite hardware failure on a computer which is under warranty, contact the equipment manufacturer. Their web site will usually have contact details.
  • Manufacturer may still be able to help, or recommend a local service agent if out of warranty.
  • The Apple Hardware Service is authorized by Apple Sales International to carry out warranty repairs on Apple Mac computers owned by the University or its members (staff, students and retired staff).

Computer hardware breakdown service

  • For hardware faults on your IT Products including notebooks/laptops, desktops, printers, iPad, external hard drives, scanners, etc.
  • Next-day on-site repair OR collection for workshop repair (loans provided subject to availability)
  • Fast, efficient service with low-cost annual subscriptions
  • Find out more

Hardware repair and upgrade services

  • The Apple Hardware Service provides repairs on Apple computers not covered by the computer hardware breakdown service
  • Upgrades such as memory increases and larger hard disks
  • This is a charged service