Automatic Wi-Fi for CONNECT users

A new service providing automatic Wi-Fi is now available for CONNECT managed laptop users in selected buildings. It’s super easy, all you have to do is log in to your device in the normal way, it just joins the Wi-Fi automatically. 

What actions do staff need to take to make this work?   

You don't need to do anything! The new Wi-Fi setting is added automatically to your laptop as part of our background updates. You will find that your laptop automatically joins the CONNECT Wireless service when you are in range.

When you move between buildings offering the service, you no longer need to use a wired connection, join eduroam or sign in via other services as you would have in the past. Your laptop will automatically be online, giving you direct access to your network drives and other CONNECT features. You can still use eduroam to connect with Wi-Fi in other buildings if needed. 

One user told us:

I thought it was odd that my laptop appeared to be online when I had not plugged in the network cable as I normally do, nor had I joined any other wireless networks. This is great, and it really is seamless and easy – it just works.”  

Where can staff use this service? 

The CONNECT Wireless service is now available in around 25% of managed buildings, with more to be added soon: 

Tell us about your experience with this new functionality   

We welcome general feedback on this new service. If you have technical issues, please contact the Service Desk.  

CONNECT Wi-Fi is the result of a collaboration across IT Services involving Microsoft Platform Services, Managed Network Services, Desktop Services and our Service Desk.