New routes to learning

The new year brings great opportunities to improve your IT skills and invest in your digital proficiency. Our Routes To Learning will help you navigate to the learning resources that suit you best. 

Where to start? 

For popular topics, such as Nexus365 and Teams or Thesis and dissertation skills, you can see a map laying out a range of learning resources. There are pointers to taught courses and workshops, or there are videos and self-study materials if you prefer. Each map will guide you through to the level you need, from beginner to more proficient. 

Visit our Routes to learning page and choose a topic that interests you. Then follow the links and you can map out a personalised plan to master the skills you need. 

And there’s more 

Visit the IT Learning Centre website to find out more about how we can help you, and browse the wide range of teacher-led and online courses and videos available for students and staff.