Services for students and staff

Our Service catalogue brings together contact, user and business information, providing a thorough view of all the services we offer. You can browse by role to see what might be appropriate for your needs, choose to see all services, or search the catalogue. Services are also arranged by key area, such as Desktops and devices or Research support. Data Services is a recent addition to the collection.

service catalogue screenshot showing 8 categories - only for illustration - go to for live catalogue.

Typical questions the catalogue can help with include:

  • How do I raise an incident for a particular service?
  • Who do I contact for support?
  • Is there training or more information available?
  • Do I have to pay for the service?

​​With all the key information about our services, this is the hub for all central IT Services information.

Take a look through, explore the options, and find out how our services can help you to achieve your work or study goals.