Discover the Application Catalogue

The Application Catalogue includes over 260 services mapped to applications, providing a comprehensive list of all applications used across the University. 

College applications survey

In 2022-23 we undertook a survey of colleges to find out the key activities they perform and the applications they use to achieve their goals. The survey will be repeated every five years to build and maintain useful information for all. Of the 26 responses we received  there were some very interesting varieties and overlaps. 

The capability model attempts to capture the various tasks undertaken by colleges throughout each year. Tasks are grouped into fourteen main categories including accommodation and hospitality, library management, research, facilities and more day-to-day functions involved in running a college. Visit the Application Catalogue college services page (requires CONNECT account and VPN) to view college activities by application, college or function. 

Signposting popular applications

Among the 26 colleges who responded, Accurate Solutions proved to be a very popular and versatile app, with 16 colleges using it for no fewer than 28 different reasons including meal booking, welfare, finance, safeguarding, student records and many more diverse uses. View all the uses of Accurate Solutions and other apps in to the Application Catalogue (requires CONNECT account and VPN). 


Since undertaking the survey, we have been contacted by a number of divisional staff with queries about which applications we as a university were already using for certain tasks, such as exam scheduling and timetabling. They wanted to know who was using the apps so they could consult them for feedback. Using the Application Catalogue we were able to easily point them in the right direction to get the answers they wanted. 

Further information about the Application Catalogue and how to get access

Any member of staff can request access and search the data to discover which apps might help them achieve their work or study goals. The catalogue is searchable and can be sorted by key properties, helping you to quickly identify which applications are supported, how to access them, and what licenses may be required.  

To request access to the catalogue, all you need to do is visit IT Self Service and search for ‘Casewise’ or ‘Evolve’ to submit your request. Our introductory article includes more information about the catalogue and how to get access, or you can visit our Application & Data Modelling SharePoint site.  

If you or your team are interested exploring Casewise-Evolve in more detail, please email the Application Catalogue team to arrange training sessions.