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Welcome to the first in our series of Applications Advocates articles which aim to bring you easy to follow top IT tips over the next few months.

Each advocate will outline the main features of their favourite app, why you might find that app useful, and tips for getting the most from it. Apps to look forward to hearing about include Miro, Padlet, Visio and more.

We kick off this series with Microsoft Delve and had a chat with Enterprise IT Architect, Dave Smith, to find out more.

Name of application

Microsoft Delve

How to find and use it

Part of the Office 365 suite, this free-to-use app can be found at

What it does

Delve is an experience within Office 365 that surfaces relevant content and insights tailored to each person.

How it looks








Delve – best bits and top tips

  • Brings together information captured in emails, Microsoft Teams channels, SharePoint Online and OneDrive content  
  • Only shows what you have permission to see  
  • On the home page when you look at a piece of content  
    • Click on ‘me’ to see the content that you have been working on recently  
  • When looking at a piece of content  
    • Click on a person to see what they are working on 
    • Click on a person’s name and they are added to your ‘quick list’ of contacts. 
    • Click on the favourite icon to add a piece of content to your favourites 

It’s a life-saver for…

When you can’t remember if 'that document' was shared via an email attachment, Teams channel, SharePoint Online or OneDrive.

Other uses might include: 

  • When you have a missed a conversation, meeting or chat message about an activity. The presence of the document is a trigger to follow up with the group. 
  • When you need to prepare for a meeting and need to move between islands of content. You can jump between content sources, content authors or content types without having to know where that content came from.  

What makes it better than its closest competitor?

It is already full of the business content that you use today and it’s free.  

Do you have a favourite application?  

Get in touch and let us know.

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