IT for beginners

If you are new to IT or the way IT works at Oxford, IT Services can help.

Need basic IT skills?

Our IT Learning Centre provides introductory training for those who are new to computers. The Beginners IT page has lots of resources to help build your confidence, refresh or develop your skills, or simply give you an overview of IT at Oxford. If, as a member of staff, you feel beginners IT training would help you, please complete the application form on that page.

No matter what skill level you are at, our excellent team of IT teachers offers inexpensive, and often free, courses and workshops. These cover a wide range of IT topics and are open to all members of Oxford University.

Getting IT help 

New staff and students at Oxford can find lots of useful information about getting started with IT on our website. This covers a range of popular topics for newcomers including setting up your accounts (such as your Single Sign-On (SSO)), accessing Wi-Fi and email, and much more. 

IT Services also has a dedicated IT Help website which has many answers to common questions about using IT for your work, including lots of 'how to' guidance.  

If your question is more technical and you can't find the answer on the IT Help website or with your local IT advisor, our Service Desk advisors are there to help - you can find Service Desk contact information on our websites.