The path to happiness at work and beyond

What is Career Weaver?

Career Weaver is a web application (app) designed to help you understand what makes you tick. A better idea of your strengths, interests and motivations can build confidence and the ability to share a clearer picture of your goals with others, which in turn can support learning, future success and happiness.

How was it made?

The IT Services Software Solutions team was instrumental in building Career Weaver which was developed as part of the 2018 IT Innovation Challenges. Working closely with the University’s Careers Service, the team created the app - taking it from written notes and ideas, through to technical design and build. Hugh Nicholson-Lailey of the Careers Service said: “This project has exceeded my expectations and continues to engage and surprise me”.

This was one of the first apps built by the team using cutting edge software React. The outcome is a responsive app which performs more efficiently than many others because it runs on the users’ device instead of a remote server. 

This new technology presented its own set of challenges, not least ensuring that the app was compliant with Accessibility legislation - most React apps on the web are not. This was no easy task, but the team discovered that challenges often bring rewards. By exploring and experimenting, they have created a truly innovative app, learning new ways of working with the software and useful techniques for checking the accessibility of future React applications. 

Who is Career Weaver for?

All this hard work resulted in an interactive application designed to help staff and students of all abilities across the University. There’s more good news too! The project was delivered well within the anticipated budget which means that additional features can be added, keep an eye out for these in the future.

In the meantime you can find out more on the Career Weaver web page – why not give it a go? It could be the start of a new path, helping you to identify and achieve new aspirations.