Casewise-Evolve enterprise architecture toolset

What is Casewise-Evolve?

Casewise is an incredibly powerful Enterprise Architecture tool which enables anyone working with data, integrations, projects, business processes and data governance to have better oversight of their information. This bespoke and highly versatile tool is managed by the website Evolve, and therefore can be referred to as Casewise-Evolve.

What is Enterprise Architecture?

Flowchart showing Casewise integration model

Enterprise Architecture represents the meta data behind data; allowing those who use it to see more clearly how the many aspects of their data interconnect. This can have far-reaching advantages and enable anyone to visualise where data resides and how it moves around an organisation.

Why is it important for Oxford University?

The system acts as a foundation of data governance; allowing people to understand how different entities within their information relate to one another. Defining the data in this way then helps with understanding who looks after the data (Data Stewardship), what it should look like (Data Standards) and whether/how the data is appropriate for re-use (Data Source).

Other valuable outcomes from using the toolset include:

  • helping to develop and refine a common understanding of what a solution needs to support
  • tracking where data flows from and to in the University (data lineage)
  • providing an outline of data needed to design a solution or area of life, or to develop a lay understanding of the data involved.
  • Detailing supported Applications within the University IT estate and the data held within them.
  • Linking Business Processes together by Business domain areas, enabling impact assessments to be made as changes arise.

Who is Casewise-Evolve designed for?

Flowchart showing Casewise logical model

Casewise was started in IT Services in 2016 and has been heavily focussed in this department for the first few years, but as it expands it has been increasingly useful for data roles around the University, including business analysts and those using the data governance framework, as well as teams dealing with filtering, processes and impacts of data, such as Service Desk, could also make good use of the toolset.

Anyone who uses University data for decision making or to help the University to run - go in and explore the resources and work happening on the Evolve website.

What next?

1. Visit the Casewise SharePoint site

To find out more about Casewise and Evolve, Enterprise Architecture, user access and FAQs, please visit our SharePoint Online site (open to all members of University staff).

2. Gain access and explore

All members of University staff can request read-only access. Please visit OSM and search for Casewise or Evolve.

3. Training and introductory sessions

If you or your team are interested exploring Casewise-Evolve in more detail, please email us and we can arrange training sessions.