Chorus upgrade project

After five years in service, our Chorus telephone system is being upgraded across the University. This is a huge operation and needs to take place because our current hardware and operating systems will no longer be supported. All components will be refreshed or replaced, making the system more reliable and easier to maintain.

So what does this mean in practice?

All telephones currently in use will keep working, but new versions of the softphone will be available. The web portal will also look slightly different, with an improved layout and new features such as integration with Outlook.

Information about the changes (including ‘how to’ guidance) will be on the Chorus web pages. We will let softphone users know when they can upgrade their software, but web portal users won’t need to make any changes.

And when will it happen?

This work is scheduled to start in January 2020. The project team will email users nearer the time to keep you informed about progress. We expect to run the new system at the same time as the old one for a while, and then switch over.  We hope this will result in very little downtime.

What do you want to see?

Help us plan for the future of Chorus. Keep an eye out for our forthcoming survey. 


For more information about the Chorus upgrade project, please contact the project sponsor Jemima Spare, or project manager Roger Coombs.

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