Creating a buzz on Banbury Road

Here at IT Services we are doing our bit to help the planet, starting right here at home. We are helping to look after and monitor Oxford's bee population with our new bee hotel.

Oxford Plan Bee

But we are just a small part of something much bigger. Oxford Plan Bee is creating a whole network of bee hotels for cavity-nesting solitary bees. These bees are excellent pollinators, and are harmless to humans, so they’re ideal for a space that is shared with people, such as gardens, courtyards, or any public area with flowering plants.  The bee hotels are located across the city of Oxford and in Wytham Woods (an area of ancient woodland just outside the city). As well as being great for bees, they also offer a fantastic research opportunity, and scientists are regularly reviewing data to learn more about Oxford's bee population.

How you can help bees too

You can help bees in your garden too. Find out about plants that provide pollen and nectar for pollinators on the Royal Horticultural Society's website - just one of many useful websites if you do a quick search. Suggestions for making your garden more wildlife-friendly can be found on the Buglife website.  No matter how small your garden is, there's always something you can do to make the world a better place.