Desktop Services complete Windows 10 upgrades

Our Desktop Services team has successfully completed the migration of some 3575 staff machines to Windows 10 ahead of the withdrawal of support for Windows 7. Desktop Services manage desktops and laptops in Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM) and most of UAS, as well as a number of other units.

The final stages of the migration focussed on some of the more complex cases – such as machines that had software which was not compliant with Windows 10. The Book Storage Facility in Swindon was one such example; they were one of the last teams to migrate but made the process easier through great cooperation and planning.

I am writing to let you how know pleased my colleagues and myself at the Book Storage Facility are with rollout over the last two days of the Windows 10 upgrade … My team have also complimented the way the IT Services colleagues worked with them during live operations. It meant there was no disruption to the service. They also provided helpful advice in setting up each user on Windows 10. Boyd Rodger, Head of Bodleian Libraries Book Storage Facility

Our Desktop Services team offer a managed desktop service to an increasing number of units around the University. One of the most recent to come on-board is the Rothermere American Institute which had its devices upgraded in the last few days before the January deadline. At least two other units will be added this year – benefiting from a robust, centrally managed service providing a standard setup with security updates, network file storage and backup, a wide range of software, printing, a full user support service and a refresh cycle for hardware.