Digital futures: Cybersecurity challenges and innovation

Our Digital Futures at Oxford series of thought leadership sessions continues with a talk from Graham Ingram, Oxford's Chief Information Security Officer.

Digital futures at Oxford: Cybersecurity challenges and innovation at Oxford University (Graham Ingram)

Graham shares some of the top challenges and opportunities currently facing the Cybersecurity team. He also talks about the evolving nature of cyberthreats and the cybersecurity reference model that his team is applying to identify, detect, protect, recover and respond to cyberattacks. In this engaging talk Graham also shares with us his forward-thinking approach to deliver secure architectures to keep us and the University safe, while minimising disruption to academic activity.  

For those unable to attend the session, a recording of Graham's talk is available for you to watch (requires SSO). You can find information about this series and future events on our innovation page, or the IT news and events page.

Further information and getting involved 

Digital Futures at Oxford is a series of thought leadership sessions organised by IT Services where we are inviting leaders from industry and external organisations to share their views on the future direction of digital in higher education. 

Join the conversation in Oxford's Digital futures community forum on Teams. If you would like further information about any of the sessions, please contact