Look for out for the new expense claims system

The eExpenses project is a Focus initiative run in collaboration with IT Services and the University's central Finance Division. It will deliver the new online SAP Concur eExpenses system.

The introduction of eExpenses will mean most expense claims can be submitted wherever you are, whether on the go, at home or at the University, as long as you have an internet connection. Receipts can be uploaded to the system and claims can be reviewed and approved on-line so there will be no need for the movement of forms and associated receipts around University buildings.

Who will use the eExpenses system?

eExpenses is being introduced for use by all staff and students with a Single Sign-On (SSO) user ID who need to claim expenses from the University’s academic divisions, GLAM, Continuing Education, UAS and three colleges - Kellogg College, St Cross College and Reuben College. 

People external to the University (for example, visitors, research participants and volunteers) who do not have an SSO ID will continue to use a paper form for claiming expenses.

What expenses can be claimed through the eExpenses system?

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All expenses of up to £10,000 will be claimable through eExpenses with the exception of claims against advances and some expense items that form a taxable benefit.

When will SAP concur be introduced?

In order for us to effectively submit and process expense claims in the new system, eExpenses needs to be able to draw through the right information from the University’s existing systems (such as Oracle), for example people’s names and email addresses, and project and cost centre codes. It has proved more challenging than anticipated to integrate our systems with eExpenses in this way. Therefore, eExpenses will be introduced in two waves in January and February 2021. 

User acceptance testing (UAT) is scheduled to take place in November. A cross-section of participants from across the University have been recruited to take part in this exercise, which will check that the system works as it should and enable any bugs or discrepancies to be fixed before the system is launched.

For further information, including feedback from previous users of the SAP Concur eExpenses system, please see the Staff Gateway, while more detail is available on the Finance Division website. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact the project team via the project mailbox.