New electronic lab notebook user-community

Our new online ELN user community is intended to be a place where all ELN users and those interested in finding out more, can come together to share expertise.  By joining you’ll be able to: 

  • explore ELN features, tips and tricks    

  • discuss ELNs with other users and ask questions of the group 

  • share experiences, success stories and good practice  

  • see the latest updates and find out about hardware, integrations, and more. 

We’re holding a launch meeting on 21 April and would love to see you there - please register your place in advance. 

What is an electronic lab notebook (ELN)?

A cupboard full of used notebooks

Day-to-day activities, experimental plans and compliance information in scientific laboratories were traditionally written up on paper and often fell victim to being singed, stained or mislaid. ELNs hold all this information and more on a digital platform, with considerably reduced risk of your coffee creating an incident! What’s more, ELNs make it much easier to search research records, and they can import and store data directly from instrumentation.

Can I have an ELN? 

Yes, you can! All you need is an Oxford Single Sign-On. Over 2200 Oxford users have already signed up for ELNs, and more than 675 are active each month. While many of these are from the more traditional scientific divisions of the University, the system can be used by any Oxford researchers looking for a tool to securely store and share data such as documents, images and audio. Visit our ELN help pages for information. 

How do I join the user group?  

Joining the group is easy - all you need to do is:   

  1. In Teams, go to 'Join or create a team' (at the bottom of your Teams list)  

  1. Select 'Join a team with a code' and type in zojks9b  

  1. Click 'Join team' and you're in!  

The practicalities 

Electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) data diagram for illustration only

Working with cloud-based provider LabArchives, our ELN service has now moved from pilot stage to long-term, ongoing support.  

ELNs are available to anyone with an Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO) and are free at the point of use.  

Approved for use with any Oxford data, our new ELN service offers extensive, backed-up, version-controlled storage of your irreplaceable work.  

How to find out more  

If you are interested in using Oxford's ELN service for your research, join the user group today, or visit our ELN webpage for information on getting started.  

You can also email our Research Support team  if you have questions about this service.