Ensuring high quality IT projects across the University

Have you found yourself wondering what the Portfolio Assurance Group (PAG) does? Probably not. But PAG plays an important role, providing valuable independent oversight of the University's IT portfolio. The group ensures that the University's aims and objectives are supported, that the investment of resources provides value for money, and that IT Services delivers well-managed projects and services to meet users' needs.

Chaired by the University’s Chief Information Officer, Seán Duffy, PAG membership includes individuals with expertise in project and/or service management from both within the University and outside of it, including members of IT Services senior management. Service owners, project managers and other staff are invited to present their service or project to PAG, answering any questions that arise. They can also take this opportunity to ask for advice or help from the group. Presentations include an update on activities supporting delivery, such as the project methodology, service management processes, portfolio planning, Key Performance Targets, and more. 

Members of PAG find this an excellent way to understand the challenges facing not only individual services and projects, but the portfolio as a whole. While an invitation to attend PAG is often not welcomed, it does provide an opportunity to explain what is happening with your service or project, and secure support from senior staff when needed.

PAG is not there to undertake formal audits, but provides a degree of assurance by identifying risks or issues, as well as providing support, recommendations, and independent advice. For further information about PAG, contact our governance team at governance@it.ox.ac.uk.